Last year I began monthly visitations with Paul and Marcia, without any long-term commitment, but over the months I realized that I really love the people we spend time with. Some have limited mobility, some are just very happy to have a visitor from Trinity Church, and some seem to really depend on the spiritual conversation and Bible verses. Some have things to teach me as we visit, and the Lord blesses me through them. It is always special to be paired with Robin Bernhardt because she brings her guitar and we can all sing together. On one visit, there was a tree full of birds outside the living room window, and as we sang, the birds stopped moving until we finished! We leave a tasty treat as we go on our way. Visiting has become one of my favorite ways to minister at Trinity. – by Sue Hood

Once a month at least four teams of people from FiftyPlus go visiting. We visit private homes, retirement communities, nursing homes and hospitals. We meet people like Ann who in her early 90’s, is more up to date on current events than any of us. Her only prayer request is that God will continue to use her. We see Hal who was a minister for over sixty years. His body has some challenges, but his heart for God is strong and beautiful. We visit Betty who can no longer recognize us due to the ravages of her disease. We hold her hand and sing to her and pray for her and tell her that we love her, and more importantly that Jesus loves her. There are many more to pray for and encourage and care about. The people we visit inspire us and challenge us. If you would like to be part of this FiftyPlus team, please contact Paul Plaxton at (909) 335-7333, x117 or – by Carol Herwig

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