Day Trips

Last year my husband and I went with the FiftyPlus group to Covenant Church to attend the Annual presentation of Pageant Of Our Lord. We rode in a comfortable bus and left the driving to the driver. The Pageant is a production which features live works of sacred art that celebrate the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. A unique feature of the Pageant is that it combines art, music, and drama in a powerful way to present the Gospel, making a major impact on those who witness it.

Those who have attended the Laguna Art Festival’s Pagent Of the Masters have an idea of the presentation, however, the orchestra and choir were an amazing addition to this program.

We wondered how the people in the “living” portion of each piece of art could hold their poses. We each watched closely to see if we could see someone breathe or move slightly…hardly ever! The art works included statues, paintings, sculptures and stained glass. Some art work was familiar, such as “Christ At The Heart’s Door” and Michaelangelo’s “Pieta”.  We were awed by the sculpture of the “Archangel Michael Casting Satan Into Hell”. The pose was amazing. God was truly glorified through this art genre.

We then moved on to enjoy a wonderful Mexican dinner at the beautiful Red Onion Restaurant. The food was delicious and the service excellent. The ride back to the church was full of compliments on this activity, and we all agreed we would love to do this again next year. Paul and Marcia are gracious hosts who made the day very enjoyable. What a marvelous way to begin our Easter celebration.

by Carol Bridges

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